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Stop Foreclosure & Garnishment with Foreclosure Help Utah

Stop Foreclosure Utah – Save Your Home From Foreclosure

Worried about Losing Your Home To Foreclosure?


Foreclosure rates in Utah are at their highest levels in decades. And although receiving notice that you might lose your home can be terrifying, it is not the end of the world. Legal options are available to help you stop the foreclosure process and keep your family’s home.


Declaring Bankruptcy Stops Foreclosure – Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Attorney


Bankruptcy stops foreclosure sales and can help you save your home. Even if you are behind on your mortgage payments, filing for bankruptcy creates an “automatic stay” that stops most debt-collection activities—including foreclosure sales.

In addition to stopping foreclosure proceedings, filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy in Utah also gives you tools to help you keep your home— even if you are behind on your payments.

This is possible because Chapter 13 Bankruptcy lets you force creditors into a three to five year plan where you can:


(1) cure your defaulted mortgage by repaying your arrearages over up to five years;


(2) stay current on your mortgage by making your current monthly mortgage payments;


(3) reduce (usually) the amount of money that you have to pay to your unsecured creditors so that you can afford to make your mortgage payment; and


(4) “strip off” or eliminate wholly unsecured second and/or third mortgages.


“Stripping Off” Second and/or Third Mortgages – Utah Bankruptcy Attorney


In chapter 13 bankruptcy, a second mortgage, HELOC, or other junior lien on your residence may be “stripped off” or eliminated through a court-approved bankruptcy plan if your home is worth less than you owe on any senior mortgage or trust deed (usually the first mortgage or trust deed).

Andrew B. Clawson is an experienced Salt Lake City, UT bankruptcy attorney who can help you “strip off” your wholly unsecured second or third mortgage or trust deed in a chapter 11 or chapter 13 bankruptcy case.


Short Sale in Chapter 13 Banktuptcy


As you might guess, having a short sale on your credit report is generally better than having a foreclosure. In Utah chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can move forward with a short sale on your home.


Don’t Wait Too Long To Protect Your Home


Many people wait too long before talking with an attorney about saving their home from foreclosure. As soon as it becomes apparent that you will not be able to pay your mortgage, you should contact an experienced foreclosure attorney in Utah to help you explore all of your options – including bankruptcy, loan modification, short sale. A little knowledge and planning can make a world of difference when it comes to saving your home from foreclosure. After you have taken a credit counseling course, we can usually file an emergency chapter 13 bankruptcy case to stop a foreclosure case even one day before the scheduled sale. Call me now (801) 207-8288 to stop your foreclosure sale.


Andrew B. Clawson and the other lawyers he works with will help you understand and explore all of the bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options for saving your home, including negotiating a loan-modification, challenging a foreclosure proceeding outside of bankruptcy, and using bankruptcy to stop foreclosure proceedings.


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Andrew B. Clawson and the attorneys he works with are here to help you understand all of your options for getting relief from your debts, stopping the foreclosure process, and helping you keep your home.


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